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Ordinary health insurance doesn’t cut it for emergency service workers

The benefits of keeping your health insurance close to home

It seems like every day a new health insurance policy gets introduced into the market, which means that Australians are confronted with tens of thousands of different options when searching for a policy.

Take the confusion our of private health insurance

While choice is undoubtedly a good thing, it does have it its drawbacks particularly in the case of private health insurance when you are confronted with a plethora of inclusions, exclusions, restrictions, excesses, extras and optional extras possibilities.

These terms are confusing, the small-print indecipherable and the process ultimately exhausting when all you are really looking for is a policy that will cover you and your family properly in times of medical need­ with minimal out of pocket expense.

This is a simple need and one that is shared by most Australians, but particularly those who work in the physically and mentally demanding emergency services industry.

The only insurance for the emergency services community

Because these individuals put their bodies on the line day-in-day-out, it is vital they avoid “cheap junk policies” that reap them no meaningful benefits and can see them having exclusions and restrictions of hospital procedures, or paying hundreds of dollars in out of pocket expenses for common treatments such as physiotherapy.

The “Big Brand” health funds offer an abundance of options, but often some of these insurers just sell on price and may not be reviewing and increasing benefits under some policies to reflect the increased cost of treatments and services the health provider (resulting in larger out of pocket cost over time). The results being that it can be difficult to decipher the difference between junk policies and the suitable policies unless you do hours of research.

This is less problematic when some of these insurers are servicing an individual who is just looking for a cheap policy to help them avoid tax penalties such as the Medicare Levy Surcharge or Lifetime Health Cover Loading. However, in the case of emergency services workers in nursing, fire departments or paramedic services who have specific and real health cover needs, this can be a big issue.

A not-for-profit health fund that's made for you and your family

Emergency Services workers, volunteers have unique health needs which must be put first, above profits, above share prices and above fancy marketing campaigns… in short, they require a provider who can provide them with simple, comprehensive and value for money health cover from people who understand them best.

It is for this reason that an exclusive, not-for-profit and Member Own health funds such as Emergency Services Health are becoming more and more important. They are taking customer-centric views of the health industry and create policies that suit their industry members.

Freedom to choose

When you put your body under stress or in danger your needs are in equal measures simple and important. You need access to your preferred provider or choice of doctors, and the comfort of knowing you have a comprehensive policy, not just what you think you may need. As someone that is part of the emergency services community, you know too well that life as you know it can drastically change in a second.

Unlike major health insurers, restricted access (exclusive community based) funds also have the advantage of being able to provide their membership with exclusive benefits suited to the industry such as the ability to rollover unused extras annual limits from one year to the next with Emergency Services Health.

They're operating for profit

Invariably it’s a matter of priorities of care, with private for-profit health funds there is an underlying focus with their share-price and profit margins than selling suitable policies to customers. Whereas not-for-profit, Members Own health insurers take the words “health care and wellbeing of its members” to heart and focus on ensuring the health of their members while caring for their needs and families.

You can’t put a price on your health.

Get the cover worthy of the sacrifices you make in protecting the community. Call us on 1300 703 703, Emergency Services Health, today to learn more about our fund.

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