Emergency Services Health was launched by its sister health fund, Police Health. Police Health has a long history of supporting the police community with their health and wellbeing needs, and it was time for the same quality products and services to be extended to the emergency services community.

This is one of our South Australian Police Health employee and member's*  experience with their cover and the little terror...named Taco!


"I was a fit and healthy 30 something year old. I had an active life style and never had knee trouble. Then something happened, that changed my life...the tiny terror, Taco, struck!

Life was good, we played, we went on walks, and we had puppy cuddle time. Then out of the blue on one morning (just like any other morning), a simple step forward to kneel down and put food in Taco’s bowl ended in pain. Deafening pain. The kind of pain where you feel the world stop. There was no sound. Not even from my loud gasp or cries. In a split second my knee cap had dislocated.

I was on the ground rolling around in pain for what seemed like hours, but was probably only seconds. Unable to move, the pain was numbing. The puppy, thinking this was a game, began to jump on me and lick me. I was physically unable to pick myself off the ground. My husband had already left for work, and out of reach of a phone, I was forced to push my knee cap back into place so I can extend my leg and get myself off the ground.

My first thought was to get immediately to the physio! Price did not enter my mind at this point, the only thing I could think off was the pain. In the back of my mind I was confidently reassured that I had private health insurance.

I knew that I didn't have to search for a preferred provider, because my health fund lets me choose and still pay the same benefits. So I chose the physio that was the most convenient to me at the time.


I hobbled to the physio...

The first consult (a long consult) $85 | Police Health pays $68 | Gap $17

I was put on a six week plan by the physio...

Each time after (a short consult) $75 | Police Health pays $59.80 | Gap $15.20


With my Police Health cover, not only do I have an Annual Maximum of $850 in physio benefits to use, but because I was fit and healthy and did not use physio benefits the previous year, I could also tap into my Rollover Benefits. The unused benefits from the past 12 months gave me $1,700 to use in physio benefits this year.

After two short weeks of physiotherapy I was able to walk without a limp and had slowly integrated exercises under a plan from my physio.

I was lucky that I have a desk job, and could sit down with my leg up with an ice pack. I can only imagine how difficult recovery would be with an active role in policing! Not to mention managing if I didn’t have insurance or comprehensive cover. I may not have been able to return to work as quickly without treatment, which at the end of the day could have affected my household income.

We are pretty lucky to have two amazing health funds in Police Health and Emergency Services Health that really to do look after members. I tell all my friends to check if they are eligible to join Emergency Services Health because they are always envious when I tell them about the benefits I get back with Police Health."


If you have a story to share about a claim with Emergency Services Health, we would love to hear from you, and so would our other Emergency Services Health members. Share it with us via email at hello@eshealth.com.au or on our Facebook page.

*This testimonial is supplied by an employee and member of Police Health