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Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of the emergency services families


Emergency Services Health is a not-for-profit private health insurance fund. This means that we’re run for the benefit of members and not driven by corporate investors or overseas owners demanding shareholder dividends. The fund is backed by Police Health, extending the quality cover only police officers and their families could previously access, to our colleagues in the Emergency Services.

For over 80 years Police Health has stood behind the policing community. During that time we’ve brought our unique understanding of how to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of those who make physical and mental sacrifices to keep our communities safe.

We’ve been asked many times if Emergency Services personnel and volunteers can join Police Health. As a restricted access health insurer specifically for the policing community we weren’t able to extend Police Health membership to the Emergency Services community. That’s why we’ve launched Emergency Services Health.  

Our vision is enhance the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Australia’s Emergency Services community.

Our mission is to rally behind Australia’s Emergency Services community, providing support, information and health insurance products and services designed exclusively for the needs of our members.

We understand what it’s like to do a job that impacts on your physical and mental health while you’re protecting our community. It’s why our products and services are designed with that in mind. We also keep it simple. Health insurance can be very confusing. We know our members appreciate that we keep it simple. With Emergency Services Health you only have to choose between our extras, hospital or combined products.

We’ve got your back.

A meeting of police employees in Adelaide's City Watch House on 28 May endorses the creation of a health fund. The South Australian Police Department Employees' Hospital Fund officially begins business on 1 August with 363 members.


The South Australian Commissioner of Police makes membership of the fund a condition of employment for police in South Australia.


On 1 February the fund's name is changed to the South Australian Police Employees' Health Fund. Nine months later it was incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act. The fund's membership at 30 June 1984 was 4238.


Police Health is registered as a certified business name by the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs. The Fund introduces general treatment (extras) cover.


Police Health purchase its own building at 329 King William Street, Adelaide and moves from SAPOL Headquarters.


Following many requests from police unions outside of South Australia, Police Health embarks on a program to provide its services nationally. It changes its constitution to allow employees of other States, Territories and Federal Police departments to join the fund.


More than 51,000 people are covered by over 19,500 policies and Police Health members arguably have the highest overall customer satisfaction of any health fund.


Following many requests that membership be extended to emergency services personnel, Police Health launched Emergency Services Health, a not-for-profit private health insurance fund for the emergency services community.


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