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Refer an eligible family member or colleague to join Emergency Services Health or Police Health, and if they join during the promotion period, you and your referred member will have the chance to win both your

Police Health premiums paid, by us, for a year!*

Terms & Conditions Apply

Can I join?

If you work or volunteer for Australian emergency services, or you once did,
you can join us and so can your close relations.

Don't lose it

Have you ever been told to use your Benefits before the year ends? 
For our members, this isn't the case. 

A better deal on hospital

Find out why our members love our cover and why it's better value when compared to equivalent, no excess, hospital policies

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Choose your cover
Emergency Services Health specialise in providing only the best cover making your choice easy.

Cover like no other

When it comes to protecting lives, you’d only ever give your best
Can you say the same for your health insurer?

Our members can, and do.

Find out today just how much more you can get back with Emergency Services Health and why we say we have cover like no other. 

Emergency Services Health Mobile Claiming App

As a member of Emergency Services Health, we’ve got your back. Our Emergency Services Health App lets you manage your health cover 24/7.

Use the app to:

  • Easily make a claim for you or your dependents

  • Access benefit limits and cover details

  • View your claims history

  • Update your contact details

Who can use the Emergency Services App?

Anyone can access general fund information via the app, but to use features relating to your membership, you must be an Emergency Services Health Member and have registered your online membership account.

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