Other funds may apply exclusions (you agree not to be covered at all for certain treatments). For example you may have hospital cover but it excludes joint replacement.

Just like the famous breakfast cereal, our joints are capable of making all kinds of distinctive snap, crackle and popping noises.

Can you think of a career that’s requires more physical activity and responsibility than a police officer or fire fighter?

Mental health issues and suicide rates of our young doctors in Australia are now at an all-time high.

There’s a number of reasons contributing to this, including being overworked and worried about making clinical errors.

If you’ve ever had a loved one pass away, you’ll know that depth of sadness.

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There are not many jobs out there that save lives every day. But doctors, nurses, firefighters, lifeguards, and ambulance officers are a few that top the list.

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How good is your health insurance, really?

Insurance. It’s not all black and white. There’s a lot of grey areas that are hard to understand. That monthly charge comes out of your bank account and you don’t really know what you’re paying for. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. But when it comes to your health, it’s important to take things seriously.

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The benefits of keeping your health insurance close to home

It seems like every day a new health insurance policy gets introduced into the market, which means that Australians are confronted with tens of thousands of different options when searching for a policy.

Take the confusion our of private health insurance

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The sweats. The recall. The insomnia. That accident. As an emergency services worker or volunteer, you're first on the scene of tragedies. You see the most horrific accidents, so severe, you can't block out the memory. 

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Firefighters are at a greater risk of suffering from heart attacks, 

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It pays to look beyond the big brands in insurance!

When it comes to health insurance, there’s so much choice. It’s easy to go with one of the big insurance brands, simply because you know them. But can these big-name brands really offer you the kind of cover and service that a Members Own not-for-profit, restricted access private health fund can?

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Shift work, overtime and missing events are unavoidable aspects of emergency services work for firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, water search and rescue, and state emergency services.

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Paramedics face unique mental health challenges, like no other job. While the line of work can be extremely rewarding, the psychological strain is high.

Man touching back in pain

Holding hoses for hours, carrying stretchers, and balancing people on surfboards all involve great strength. It’s just another day in the life for you and other firies, surf lifesavers, paramedics and nurses.

And as we get older, we become more susceptible to back issues.

There are different kinds of back pain ranging from a dull, constant ache to that sudden, sharp twinge.

Energy drinks resting in a pool of ice

Staying alert at all hours of the night is part of our job. We need to think on our feet, respond quickly and make decisions – all within stressful moments.

We do whatever we can just to keep our eyes peeled, but we often need support. A lot of us turn to caffeine, energy drinks and dietary supplements. But, while popular, they certainly aren’t the best choice.

Unhealthy Eating in bed

When you’re on the go, it’s hard to resist thinking about food in the same way – something that needs to be consumed quickly. 

But as shift workers and the people on the front line, you need sustained energy. 

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One of the most remarkable and systemic instances of consumer brainwashing in existence today has to be in the supply and demand for ‘pick and choose’ health insurance.