Under extras cover you’re eligible to receive pharmaceutical benefits towards prescription items that are not eligible for subsidy under the Government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Emergency Services Health’s pharmaceutical benefits cover a wide range of items that require a prescription when dispensed from private recognised pharmacies, Australia-wide.

Emergency Services Health doesn’t restrict you to a limited list of prescribed items or direct you to particular pharmacies before you can claim pharmaceutical benefits. You can go to any private pharmacy to have your prescription dispensed and still be able to claim pharmaceutical benefits on eligible prescription items.

All you need to do when you receive your prescription items is ask the pharmacist for a detailed receipt or tax invoice that also describes the prescription items supplied to you and then submit a claim to Emergency Services Health along with the receipt or invoice.

Emergency Services Health will refund your cost over and above the first $25, up to a maximum pharmaceutical benefit of $50 per prescription item supplied. Some simple conditions apply.


FAQ: Premium Increase

Premiums have been reviewed by the Minister for Health and will be increasing as of 1 April 2018.

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