For many a hospital admission is a process that they've never gone through before, and there quite a few steps to take between your specialist appointment, undergoing the procedure and being discharged. If it’s unfamiliar territory, don't be afraid to ask your specialist/doctor, your health insurer and the hospital questions – in fact, we recommend that you do. 

This guide explains your rights and responsibilities as a private patient entering hospital – what you should know and what you should ask.

Heading to Hospital

Important information 

Hospitals where Police Health Limited does not have an agreement with. This will affect the amount we will reimburse to the hospital. We strongly recommend you contact us on 1300 703 703 to confirm your benefit entitlement prior to receiving hospital treatment. If you choose a non-agreement hospital you may incur out-of-pocket expenses for hospital related services irrespective of your level of cover.

Questions to ask 

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