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Sponsorship Guidelines

Any event or activity seeking sponsorship should be primarily focused on the emergency services community either through participation or emergency services personnel as the target audience.

When assessing a sponsorship request, we will use the criteria below as a guide for evaluating a request:

  • Does the event or activity promote health and wellbeing in the emergency services community?
  • Does the event or activity support the emergency services community in times of tragedy or need?
  • Does the event or activity honour emergency services personnel or individuals closely associated with emergency services for service and sacrifice?
  • Will this activity raise money to benefit emergency services personnel and/or their families?
  • Does this request demonstrate clear objectives that have mutually beneficial outcomes?
  • Does this request give Emergency Services Health exclusivity as a sponsor in the health insurance category?
  • We will not sponsor unregistered charities or organisations.
  • We will not sponsor activities associated with environmental hazards, illicit drugs, politics, religion, gambling or unhealthy lifestyle choices.
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By submitting this form I acknowledge that all information provided is true and correct and is not for personal gain or advancement. I declare that this sponsorship is not associated with environmental hazards, illicit drugs, politics, religion, gambling or unhealthy lifestyle and is not associated with any party that will bring Emergency Services Health or the emergency services community into disrepute.

Please allow 4 weeks for a decision on your sponsorship request.

For major events and activities, we recommend an early discussion, at least 12 months in advance.

Emergency Services Health will only make payment on receipt of a tax invoice. Where GST is being applied, the person or organisation must be registered for GST, supply the relevant ABN and supply a tax invoice which meets the requirements of GST legislation.

If you have any questions about sponsorship, please contact us via email