Fresh thinking on health insurance

The nature of health insurance is that you never know what health service you might need or when you might need it.

That's why Emergency Services Health only specialise in top level cover- for complete peace of mind.

Think you've got the very best top level health cover? Are you sure?

If the health of you and your family is important to you, you might well be buying top of the range insurance from a big name provider.
But are you getting the quality of cover you deserve- and are you paying top dollar for something that's not top value?

If these questions make you stop and think, you should be talking to Emergency Service Health. 

We're a new health fund established by Police Health, just for Australia's emergency services community - and we're here to provide you and your family with insurance that's quite simply cover like no other. 

Because we're a not-for-profit organisation without shareholders, we can pay out much more in benefits.

What's more, we're Australia's only health insurance group providing a rollover on your unclaimed Extras. You can rollover any unclaimed Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next for most Extra services.*
And, when it comes to our Hospital cover, we offer no excess, exclusions, co-payments, or benefit restriction limits.*
If you're interested in what we have to offer, or you just want to see the difference in your current cover, give our friendly team a call 1300 703 703 - they will be happy to help.
* may be subject to waiting periods and other conditions.

  • info
    WE KEEP IT SIMPLE: You only have to choose between our extras, hospital or combined.
  • Provider of your choice
    FREEDOM TO CHOOSE: Freedom to choose your preferred hospital, doctor and any other service provider, such as physiotherapist and dentist, as long as the provider is recognised with us.
  • Group
    DESIGNED FOR LIFE: Our products are designed for life. Just great cover giving lifelong peace of mind to you and your family.
  • Rollover
    ROLLOVER BENEFIT: Any unused Annual Maximum benefit that is not claimed during one calendar year can be rolled over to the following
  • accommodation
    TRUE HOSPITAL COVER: No excess, benefit limitation periods, co-payments or exclusions. It's a true quality hospital cover.
  • medical
    AMBULANCE - 100% COVERED: 100% covered for emergency transport and clinically required non-emergency transport.
  • No Excess
    GENEROUS BENEFITS: For the majority of services provided by recognised providers, Emergency Services Health pays a generous 80% of the cost.
  • NOT-FOR-PROFIT: You're a person not a profit centre! Emergency Services Health is run solely to benefit our members, not generate profits for investors or overseas owners.
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