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When it comes to protecting lives, you'd only ever give your best. Can you say the same for your health insurer? Our members can - and do.

We’re Emergency Services Health – Australia’s only not-for-profit private health insurer dedicated for past and present Emergency Services workers, volunteers and extended family.

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Why we say we offer cover like no other...


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Members first

Looking out for each other extends beyond the job and our members really are our biggest advocates. So ask around, chat to your colleagues or read our online reviews from others in the front-line community- they'll assure you that Emergency Services Health is cover like no other. Because we exist for our members, not shareholders or overseas owners.


Exclusive Rollover Benefit

Over Rolling Extras cover is the only cover in Australia that let's you roll over unclaimed Annual Maximums from one calendar year to the next on most Extras services.*

For example, if you go a year without claiming optical benefits (such as new prescription glasses and/or contact lenses) your $350 Annual Maximum becomes $700 12-months later.*

*subject to waiting periods and other conditions.

More choice in providers

We find our members like to make more of the decisons around who they want to see, and not be constricted to a provider network.

So we give you the freedom to choose your preferred hospital, doctor and any other services provider, such as dentist and physiotherapist, as long as the provider is recognised by us.

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Comprehensive ambulance cover

100% national Ambulance cover- for eligible services including clinically required emergency transport, clinicially required non-emergency transport and treatment not requiring transport.* Included in all three products; extras only, hospital only or combined cover. 

*excludes ambulances services covered by a third party arrangement such as State/Territory ambulance scheme or subscription. 

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History of doing the right thing

While our cover is new to the emergency services community – we’ve actually been around for a while.

Heard of ‘Police Health’? That’s us; together looking after 80,000 members of Australia’s police and emergency services community, and boasting a member satisfaction rating of 99%*. 

That's not just a number, ask around or read online reviews yourself and you'll soon realise how much better off you could be with us.

* Customer Satisfaction Survey, Discovery Research 2006 -2021. 


Greater understanding of the job

We offer some of the highest benefits around psychology and counselling as we understand just how tough the job can be, including individual, couple and group counselling benefits. Your mental wellbeing is not only important for you to perform well in your job, but for you and your family. 

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At home care benefits

Emergency Services Health offers benefits towards Home Nursing and Hospital at Home under our Gold Hospital cover. Depending on your situation and guidance from your medical team, you may be recommended for treatment, rehabiliation or medical monitoring at home- call us to find out more. 

Claiming is easy

We make claiming easy, and if you ever do need to call you'll speak to a real person.

  • Mobile Claiming App, just take a photo

  • On the spot Claiming, swipe your member card

  • Hospital claims come straight to us. 

Switching is easy

  • We love to answer questions, and have a team of health insurance experts that can run no obligation comparisons.

  • We'll help you through any paperwork and contact your old insurer on your behalf.

  • We offer continuity of cover- any waiting periods already served with your previous insurer switch with you.

  • We offer a 30-day cooling-off period, to make sure your happy with your choice.

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